Celtic Names Of God

Celtish Gaulish Brythonic Goddess Names

Celtic mother goddess names of god

Abnoba a goddess of rivers and forests
Adsullata goddess of the River Savubalabada
Agrona a goddess of war
Ancamna a water goddess
Ancasta goddess of the River Itchen
Andarta a goddess of war
Andraste goddess of victory
Arduinna goddess of the Ardennes Forest
Arnemetia a water goddess
Artio goddess of the bear
Aveta a mother goddess, associated with the fresh-water spring at Trier, in what is now Germany
Belisama lakes and rivers, fire, crafts and light, consort of Belenus
Britannia originally a personification of the island, later made into a goddess
Clota patron goddess of the River Clyde
Coventina goddess of wells and springs
Damara a fertility goddess
Damona consort of Apollo Borvo and of Apollo Moritasgus
Dea Matrona “divine mother goddess” and goddess of the River Marne in Gaul
Dea Sequana goddess of the River Seine
Debranua a goddess of speed and fat
Epona fertility goddess, protector of horses, donkeys, and mules
Erecura earth goddess
Icovellauna a water goddess
Nantosuelta goddess of nature, the earth, fire, and fertility in Gaul
Ritona (Pritona) goddess of fords
Rosmerta goddess of fertility and abundance
Sabrina goddess of the River Severn
Sequana goddess of the River Seine
Sirona goddess of healing
Suleviae a triune version of Sulis
Sulis a solar nourishing, life-giving goddess and an agent of curses
Tamesisaddas goddess of the River Thames
Verbeia goddess of the River Wharfe


(Names of God – Celtish Gaulish Brythonic Goddesses)

Celtish Gaulish Brythonic God Names

belenos celtic names of god

Abandinus possibly a river-god
Abellio (Abelio, Abelionni) god of apple trees
Alaunus (Fin) god of healing and prophecy
Alisanos (Alisaunus)
Ambisagrus god of thunder and lightning
Anextiomarus (Anextlomarus, Anextlomara) protector god
Ankou god of death
Atepomarus horse god
Arvernus tribal god
Arausio god of water
Barinthus (Manannán mac Lir) god of the sea and water
Belatucadros god of war
Belenus god of healing
Borvo (Bormo, Bormanus) god of mineral and hot springs
Buxenus god of box trees
Camulus (Camulus, Camalos) god of war and sky
Cicolluis god of Celtic army
Cissonius (Cisonius, Cesonius) god of trade
Mars Cnabetius god of war
Cocidius god of war
Condatis god of the confluences of rivers
Contrebis (Contrebis, Contrebus) god of a city
Dii Casses god of refuse
Dis Pater (Dispater) god of the underworld
Esus (Hesus)
Fagus god of beech trees
Genii Cucullati hooded spirits
Grannus god of healing and mineral springs
Icaunus god of a river
Iovantucarus protector of youth
Lenus healing god
Leucetios (Leucetius) god of thunder
Lugus creation and learning
Luxovius (Luxovius) god of a city’s water
Maponos (Maponus) god of youth
Mogons (Moguns)
Moritasgus healing badger god
Nemausus god worshipped at Nîmes
Nodens (Nudens, Nodons) god of healing, the sea, hunting and dogs
Robor god of oak trees
Rudianos god of war
Segomo god of war
Smertrios (Smertios, Smertrius) god of war
Sucellos (Sucellus, Sucellos) god of love and time
Taranis god of thunder
Toutatis (Caturix, Teutates) tribal god
Tridamos bovine triplication and abundance
Veteris Vitiris, Vheteris, Huetiris, Hueteris
Vindonnus hunting and healing god
Vosegus god of the Vosges Mountains


(Names of God – Celtish Gaulish Brythonic)