Inuit Names Of God

Names of Inuit Gods and Goddesses

Agloolik  Inuit Name of God Agloolik Evil god of the sea who could hurt boats by biting them; spirit which lives under the ice and helps wanderers in hunting and fishing.
Akna  Akna-Inuit-Goddess-of-Childbirth names of god Mother goddess of fertility.
Amaguq  Amaguq-inuit-wolf-god name of god Wolf god who takes those foolish to hunt alone at night.
Anguta  Anguta Inuit Death God Name Gatherer of the dead; he carries them into the underworld, where they must sleep with him for a year.
Igaluk   Igaluk Inuit Eskimo Moon Goddess Name The moon god and brother to the sun who chases her across the sky.
Nanook  Nanook-inuit-god-polar-bear name Or Nanuk in the modern spelling, the master of polar bears
Pinga  Goddess Pinga Name The goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicine
Qailertetang  Qailertetang Goddess inuit hunter name Weather spirit, guardian of animals, and matron of fishers and hunters. Qailertetang is the companion of Sedna.
Sedna  sedna_goddess_inuit name The mistress of sea animals. Sedna (Sanna in modern Inuktitut spelling) is known under many names, including Nerrivik, Arnapkapfaaluk, Arnakuagsak, and Nuliajuk.
Sila  Inuit Sila Inuit God Air Name Personification of the air
Tekkeitsertok  tekkeitsertok eskimo god hunt name The master of caribou

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