God Baby Names

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List of God related baby names for boys:

Abdul “servant of God”
Abdullah “God’s servant.”
Abednago Nabu was the Babylonian god of wisdom. Biblical meaning “helped by God”.
Abia “God is my father.”
Abid “God’s worshipper; God knows.”
Abisha “Gift of God.”
Abram the patriarch Abraham’s name before God changed it
Absalom “Would God I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!” Also the title of a tragic novel by William Faulkner
Acim “God will judge.”
Adael “God witnesses.”
Adel “God is eternal; noble.”
Aditya This is the name for the seven Hindu gods who are the children of Aditi
Adlai “God is just.”
Adriel “Of God’s flock.”
Aeolus Aiolos was the god of the winds
Ahmed “Highly praised or one who constantly thanks God.”
Akim “Established by God.”
Alexis venerated as a “man of God”
Alvis the god of thunder
Amadeus “God’s love.”
Ames or may be a variant of Amos (Hebrew) “borne by God”. Rare.
Amiel “God of my people.”
Amos “To carry; borne by God.”
Angel “Messenger; messenger of God.” name for the spirit creatures sent by God to men as His messengers
Angus Angus Og is a god of attractive traits such as humor and wisdom
Ansel Also variant of Anselm (Old German) “God’s helmet”
Anselm “God’s helmet.”
Aodh name of the Celtic sun god
Apollo Mythology: the Greek and Roman god of light, music, and poetry the god of wine and revelry
Ares Greek mythology: Ares was the god of war
Ariel “Lion of God.”
Asael “God has created.”
Asgard “Gods’ courtyard.” The eternal dwelling place of the Scandinavian gods
Ashur In Assyrian, the name Ashur refers to the Assyrian warrior god
Attila He was also known as “the scourge of God”.
Augustine in which he says, “Oh God, make me chaste – but not yet”.
Avital This name is a poetic reference to God
Azariah “Helped by God.”
Azrael “Helped by God.”
Azriel “God is my help.”
Bacchus Greek mythology: Bacchus is the Greek god of wine He is also the god of poets
Balder the god Balder is called “the good”
Bartram the Norse god of war
Bethel “House of God.”
Bogdan “God’s gift.”
Cai or to the name of a Celtic god
Caleb his devotion to God is symbolized by the “dog” in some traditions
Castor They were considerd the patron gods of seafarers
Chanan “God was compassionate.”
Chaniel “Grace of God.”
Comus Greek mythology: Comus was the Greek god of mirth and hilarity
Corey It may also derive from the Germanic name Godfrey meaning “God-peace”
Corin Quirinus was an early Sabine and Roman god of war associated with Romulus
Cronus Greek mythology: Cronus was the youngest Titan (predecessors of the Greek gods) and father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and Demeter He ruled ver earth until he was overthrown by the Olympian gods, his children.
Dagon Biblical name: Dagon was a god of the Canaanites
Dan “Judge; God is my judge.”
Daniel “God is my judge.”
Demetrius Her withdrawal for the part of the year that her daughter Persephone must spend with the god of the underworld is the reason for winter
Dennis Dionysius is the Greek god of winehe is equivalent to the Roman god Bacchus. Biblical
Deodar where it is sometimes known as the “god tree”
Deus “God.
Deval The Sanskrit root “deva” means “god”.
Dionysius Greek mythology: Dionysius was the Greek god of wine (known to Romans as Bacchus)
Donato “Given; gift from God.”
Ebisu the god of hard work and good luck
Eder The name became a symbol of God’s watchfulness over his people
Eilad “God is forever.
Elchanan “God is gracious.” Biblical name. El- is Hebrew for God.
Eleazar “God is my help.”
Eliachim “God will establish.”
Eliam “God is my nation.”
Elias “The Lord is my God.”
Elihu “My God is He.” Biblical: a young man whose fiery defense of God’s righteousness is written of in the Book of Job.
Elijah “The Lord is my God.”
Elimelech “My God is King.”
Eliron “My God is song.”
Eliphalet “God delivers me.”
Elisha “God is my salvation.”
Eliyahu “The Lord is my God.”
Elkanah “God has purchased.”
Elliot “The Lord is my God.”
Elmo “To love; God’s helmet.”
Emmanuel “God is with us.”
Eoin “God is gracious.”
Eros Greek mythology: Eros was the god of love
Esias “God is salvation.”
Eskel The name refers to a cauldron used for sacrifice to the gods.
Evan “God is gracious; born of yew; youth.”
Ezekiel “Strength of God.”
Faunus the god of nature
Fedor Variant of Theodore (Greek) “gift from God”
Fenris Scandinavian mythology: Fenris was a giant wolf who had the power to threaten the gods
Francis Saint Francis of Assisi (12th century) is remembered as the gentle giant who delighted in God’s works as revealed by nature
Frey Frey is the fertility god
Gabriel “God’s able-bodied one; hero of God.”
Gadiel “God is my fortune.”
Gahan Possibly a Scottish variant of John (Hebrew) “God is gracious”
Gamaliel “Recompense of God.”
Ganesh Ganesh is the Hindu god of wisdom
Gedaliah “God is great.”
Gennaro Janus was an ancient Roman god.
Gian “God is gracious.”
Giovanni “God is gracious.”
Gjorn “God of peace.”
Goddard “God-hard.”
Godfrey “God-peace.”
Godric “God-ruler.”
Godwin “Friend of God; good friend.”
Gustave “Royal staff; staff of the gods.”
Hans “God is gracious.”
Harel “God’s mount.”
Harrell “God’s mount.
Hazaiah “God decides.
Heimdall “White god.” the principal Norse god
Heinz Variant of Hans (Hebrew) “God’s grace”.
Hermes Mythology: Hermes was a messenger for the gods on Olympus and was himself the god of eloquence
Hezekiah “God gives strength.”
Hovannes “God is gracious.”
Huon “God is gracious.”
Ian “God is gracious.”
Ib Baal was an ancient god of the Semites
Ieuan “God is gracious.”
Ilias Variant of Elijah (Hebrew) “the Lord is my God”.
Ilya Short form of Elijah (Hebrew) “the Lord is my God”
Immanuel Variant of Emmanuel (Hebrew) “God is with us”
Indra Indra is the ancient warrior god of the sky and air
Ingemar Norse mythology: Ing was a powerful god of fertility and peace
Ioanis “God is gracious.”
Ioakim “Established by God.”
Isaiah “Salvation of God; the Lord helps me.”
Ishmael “God listens.”
Israel Possibly “God perseveres, contends”. Biblical: when Jacob God changed his name to Israel as a token of blessing
Ivan “God is gracious.”
Jabin “God has built.”
Jack Name based on John (Hebrew) “God is gracious”, or Jacques
Jadon “Thankful; God will judge.”
Jairus “God enlightens.”
Jan “God is gracious.”
Jarah “God gives sweetness; honey.”
Jean “God is gracious.”
ehoiakim “Established by God.”
Jehu “He is God.”
Jens “God is gracious.”
Jeriah “Taught by God.”
Jeriel “God has seen.”
Joachim “Established by God.”
Job Biblical: a man called by God “blameless and upright”
Jock Variant of Jacob (Hebrew) “he who supplants” or John (Hebrew) “God is gracious”
John “God is gracious.”
Jonah because Jonah was on board a ship when God caused it to sink
Jonathan “Gift of God.”
Joshua He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses
Jovan from Jupiter (Latin) “the supreme God”. Mythology
Juan “God is gracious.”
Jupiter “The supreme god.” Roman mythology: the sky god equivalent to the Greek god Zeus
Kadmiel “Who stands before God.”
Kareem The Koran lists generosity as one of the 99 qualities of God
Kemuel “Helper of God.”
Keon “God is gracious.”
Lazarus “God is my help.”
Lemuel “Belonging to God.”
Llewellyn derived from the name of an ancient Celtic god
Loki Mythology: Loki was the mischievious troubemaker in the Norse pantheon of gods
Lot He fled God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah but his wife disobeyed God’s command
Maccabee Also possibly from a Hebrew phrase meaning “Who is like unto thee among the gods, oh Lord!” This was the surname of a group of Jewish leaders who overthrew Syrian rule in the century before Christ
Malachi “Messenger of God.”
Mansur “One helped by God and is victorious.”
Manuel Short form of Emmanuel (Hebrew) “God is with us”
Marcel the Roman god of war
Marcus the Roman god of fertility god of war
Mars Mythology: the classical god of war
Martin The name originates with the Roman war god, Mars
Mataniah “God’s gift.”
Matthew “Gift of God.”
Matthias “Gift of God.”
Mayhew “Gift of God.”
Mercury the messenger of the Gods who corresponds to the Greek Hermes showing the influence of the wing-footed Roman god of science and commerce since he felt it was inappropriate for a pope to have the name of a pagan god
Micah “Who resembles God?.”
Michael “Who resembles God?.”
Michelangelo Combined form of Michael (Hebrew) “who resembles God?” and Angelo (Greek) “messenger”. Use, mostly Italian
Miguel Variant of Michael (Hebrew) “who resembles God?”
Mohandas one of the great Hindu gods
Mordecai Also possibly “follower of Marduk, a god of the Babylonians”
Moriel “God is my teacher.”
Nathan “God has given.” Biblical: Nathan was God’s prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon
Nathaniel “God has given.”
Nebo Mythology: a Bablylonian god of wisdom who invented writing
Neckarios nectar was the drink of the gods
Neptune Mythology name: Roman god of the sea
Njord Norse mythology: the god of sea
Nuriel “Light or fire of God.”
Obadiah “Servant of God.”
Odin Odin was the chief god of Norse mythology
Olimpio Mount Olympus was considered the home of the gods
Omari “God the highest.
Orestes Orestes was ordered by the god Apollo to avenge his father’s death
Orpheus The gods were so moved by his music that they agreed to her return on the condition that Orpheus not look back at her as he led her toward to the sky
Osbert “Bright god.”
Osborn “Bear god.”
Oscar “Spear of the gods.”
Osgood “Goth god.”
Osman “God’s protection.”
Osmar “Wonderful god.
Osred “God’s counsel.
Osric “God’s rule.”
Oswald “God’s power.”
Oswin “God’s friend.”
Othniel “God’s strength, God’s lion.”
Owen referring to a god with a cult in Gaul
Pagiel “God disposes.”
Paltiel “God is my deliverance.”
Pazel “God’s gold.”
Pedahel “Redeemed by God.”
Phoebus The sun god Apollo was also known as Phoebus Apollo
Pluto Roman mythology: god of the underworld
Poriel “Fruit of God.
Poseidon Mythology: the sea god
Procopio Procopius was a fourth-century saint who was beheaded for refusing to worship pagan gods
Rafael Variant of Raphael (Hebrew) “God has healed”
Raiden Mythology: the Japanese god of thunder
Ramses “Begotten by Ra, the sun god.”
Randi Mythology: name of a Norse god
Raphael “Healing God.”
Ravi the Hindu god of the sun.
Reuel “Friend of God.”
Ronel “Song of God.”
Samson endowed by God with superhuman strength
Samuel “God heard.” Also possibly as “requested of God” “God’s heart” or “God’s name”. Biblical
Saturnin Roman mythology: a god of agriculture named after the god
Sean “God is gracious.”
Seraphim the seraphim are the highest-ranking angels of God (above angels, archangels, cherubim, etc.)
Shadrach Aku was the Babylonian moon god
Shane “God is gracious.”
Shawn “God is gracious.”
Shia “Praise God.”
Shiva Name of the Hindu god Shiva
Sigmund son of the god Wotan
Silvanus Silvanus was the mythological ancient Greek god of trees
Sinjin “God is gracious.”
Solomon The wisdom of Solomon is proverbial because when asked what gift he would have from God
Speed the phrase “God speed” meant “My God bring you good fortune”
Ted Short form of Theodore (Greek) “God’s gift” or Edward (Old English) “wealthy guard”
Teo “God.”
Terrell the god of thunder
Thaddeus meaning “God’s gift”. Biblical
Theodore “God’s gift.”
Theophilus “Loved by God.”
Thor Mythology: Thor was the Norse god of thunder and power
Timothy “God’s honor.” “God bless us, every one!” The name was uncommon until the 18th century
Tobias “God is good.”
Toby Short form of Tobias (Hebrew) “God is good”
Torquil Thor is the god of thunder.
Traugott “Faith in God.
Tudor Variant of Theodore (Greek) “God’s gift”
Tuvya “God is good.”
Tyr Name of an Ancient Norse god that was the most brave and bold out of the warlike ones
Tyrell the name of the Scandinavian god of battle
Ubadah “Serves God.
Ull One of the gods in the ancient Norse pantheon
Uriel “Angel of light; flame of God.”
Vanya “God is gracious.”
Varun “Water god.”
Wole meaning “God has come home”
Yakim “Established by God.”
Yale Yael (Israeli) means “God’s strength”.
Yann “God is gracious.”
Yannis “God is gracious.”
Yochanan “God is gracious.”
Yovanny “God is gracious.”
Zane “God is gracious.”
Zephaniah “Hidden by God.”
Zeus The name of the chief of the Olympian gods and father to gods and goddesses such as Athena, Ares, Apollo, and Artemis
Ziv “Radiance, brilliance or light of God.”

List of God Baby Names for Boys