Name Of God – Brahma

Name Of God - Brahma Hinduism

Name Of God – Brahma

Name of God – Brahmā (Sanskrit: ब्रह्मा; IAST:Brahmā) is one of the 330 million Hindu deities. Some sects of Hinduism identify a Supreme Godhead and use multiple names to refer to this personality. Within Hinduism, there are a number of names of God which are generally in Sanskrit, each supported by a different tradition within the religion. Brahma, Indra, Bhagavan, Ishvara, and Paramatman are among the most commonly used terms for God in the scriptures of Hinduism.

Brahmā is the Hindu god (deva) of creation and one of the Trimūrti, the others being Viṣņu and Śiva. According to the Brahmā Purāņa, he is the father of Manu, from whom all human beings are descended. In the Rāmāyaņa and the Mahābhārata, Brahmā is often referred to as the great grandsire of all human beings.

Brahmā is not to be confused with the Supreme Cosmic Spirit in Hindu Vedānta philosophy known as Brahman, which is genderless. Brahmā’s wife is Saraswati, who is also known by names such as Sāvitri and Gāyatri, and has taken different forms throughout history. Saraswati is the Vedic Goddess, revered as Vedamāta, meaning Mother of the Vedas.

Brahmā is often identified with Prajāpati, a Vedic deity.

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