Name of God – Ahura Mazda

Names of God - Ahura Mazda

Names of God – Ahura Mazda

Name of God – Ahura Mazda “Lord Wisdom” is the name of the supreme benevolent god in Zoroastrianism.

The 101 Names of God (Middle Persian: صد و یک نام خدا Sad u yak nam-i khoda) is a list of names of Ahura Mazda. The list is preserved in Persian and Gujarati. Parsi tradition expanded this to a list of “1001 names of God”.

Some of these are included below:

Name Translations
YazadYazad Worthy of WorshipYaz meaning worthy of being attuned; Praiseworthy
Harvesp-tawanHarvesp-Tavaan All-PowerfulAlmighty
Harvesp-agahHarvesp-Aagaah All-KnowingAll-Knowing
Harvesp-khodaHarvesp-Khudaa Lord of allLord of All
AbadehAbadah Without BeginningWithout Beginning
Abi-anjamAbee-Anjaam Without EndWithout End
Bun-e-stihaBune-Steeh Root of CreationRoot of Creation
Frakhtan-taihFraakhtan-Teh Endless BlissThe End of All
JamagaJamaga Primal CauseAncient Cause

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